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Effective Self Care and Pain Education

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Pain and tension are complex.  Managing our bodies is a puzzle each of us has to solve for ourselves.  There are no easy answers, but ESCAPE gives you tools to explore pain, tension and self-care with education, activities and movement.  The methods are simple, but grounded in a modern understanding of our nervous system, pain and movement.
ESCAPE from your current notions of pain and its management.  ESCAPE to a state where you gain improved control over your future.  ESCAPE to a community where you can share your experiences and learn from others. 
Even if you don't experience chronic pain, ESCAPE can help you avoid it by fostering good body maintenance habits.


ESCAPE is an approach that allows you to explore the self-care puzzle to discover what works best for you.  Dr. George Sheehan said "We are each an experiment of one." ESCAPE serves as a library, classroom, playground and laboratory to support YOUR experiment.  Additionally, you have a counselor to help schedule your activities and suggest new activities to keep you moving forward.
It leverages the latest information in neuroscience and combines it with practical activities and movements you can perform almost anywhere.  The two most basic actions to improve or avoid pain are 1) get educated on how pain works and 2) perform appropriate activities to reduce pain and tension.  ESCAPE helps you accomplish both these fundamentals and more.

ESCAPE fosters a comprehensive approach to self-care, focusing on the neurological control system rather than solely muscles and connective tissues.

Learn why some people with serious injuries feel little pain.  And why some people with injuries that healed long ago still experience pain and tension.  Understand why you can dramatically reduce muscle tension by simply moving the skin (called dermoneuromodulation).  Learn why you sometimes leave action movies or sporting events exhausted (blame your mirror neurons).  Gain insight into why our modern lifestyle taxes a nervous system that evolved over millions of years to protect against short duration existential threats.
ESCAPE uses a school metaphor with classroom lessons, laboratory experiments, library resources and a playground where you can explore for free.  A Counselor app is available on your mobile device that provides a more structured approach to the online information and extends it with scheduling, tracking, expanded content and access to live professionals to help you with your issues.

ESCAPE represents a self-guided journey into existing effective pain management resources based on our research and judgements.  It is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Effective Self Care And Pain Education

Research shows that the two most effective tools in managing pain and tension are
1) education and
2) appropriate movement
ESCAPE delivers resources for both, just combine with your motivation to see results.