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We are simple clinicians and educators who work to distill and communicate the works of others.  We highly encourage you to visit the sites, read the books and keep investigating based on the references provided below.  See where the journey leads YOU!
Have fun!


Limited to 1 book per author, most have many good books.

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy

A Guide to Better Movement

Paul Chek

Todd Hargrove

A how-to guide on managing overall health through diet, rest, movement and striving for life happiness.
An overview of current pain and movement understanding, coupled with over 20 movement lessons.

Anatomy Trains

Movement: Functional Movement Systems

Thomas W. Myers

Gray Cook

An explanation of how fascial connections operate to create functional meridians throughout the body that interconnect what are classically considered distinct muscles, bones and connective tissue.
Describes the philosophy and mechanics behind the Functional Movement Screen and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain

Born to Run

Paul Ingraham

Christopher McDougall

An interesting e-book on trigger points and myofascial pain syndrome, that is part of his pain science site.  The author has a conflicted relationship with the science behind trigger points . This guy's integrity is impressive!
A compelling story of a native tribe's relationship to running.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

Clair & Amber Davies

Pavel Tsatsouline

A how-to guide on self-massage for trigger points.
The title says it all.

Explain Pain

Convict Conditioning

David Butler & Lorimer Mosely

Paul "Coach" Wade

A guide to pain mechanisms and what to do about managing pain based on cutting edge neurological information.
A set of progressions through 10 body weight movements.  A great primer for learning every movement can be modified to make it easier or more difficult.

The Cool Impossible

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Eric Orton

Robert M. Sapolsky

How-to  book on running, goal setting and true strength.
A guide to stress, stress related disease and stress management.

The Metabolic Typing Diet

The Body Electric

William L. Wolcott & Trish Fahey

Robert O. Becker & Gary Selden

A guide to metabolic typing, the approach of understanding your unique genetic relationship to food based on your ancestry.
An introduction to the effects of electromagnetism on life.

Full Catastrophe Living

Thich Nhat Hahn Collection

Thich Nhat Hahn

Jon Kabat-Zinn

A collection of the Vietmanese monks writings on living, breathing and healing.
Using the wisdom of your body and mind to heal.

Tao Te Ching

A Path With Heart

Lao Tzu (Stephen Mitchell translation)

Jack Kornfield

An ancient Chinese author's book of short verses about how life  manifests itself in the world and practical lessons on behavior, action and non-action.
A seeker's guide through perils and promises.


  1. Understanding Pain
    An overview of the mechanisms behind chronic or persistent pain that highlights the benefits of education and movement.
  2. Lorimer Moseley Explains Pain
    Humorous look at the current understanding of how pain works.
  3. The Drug Cabinet in the Brain
    David Butler explains how the brain naturally generates chemicals to control pain.
  4. What is Graded Motor Imagery?
    A description of the neuroscience behind the three components of GMI: L/R discrimination, visualization and mirror therapy.
  5. Intro to the Autonomic Nervous System
    A humorous and rapid introduction to the ANS.
  6. Awareness & Your Core Values
    Paul Chek discusses health impacts related to core value awareness.
  7. Fascia
    Robert Schleip discusses fascia and structural integration.
  8. Breathing Basics
    Paul Chek introduces breathing basics to a child.
  9. Infant Rolling
    A Feldenkrais lesson on rolling using an infant as a model.
  10. The Real Reason for Brains?
    Daniel Wolpert presents movement as the reason the brain evolved.
  11. Anatomy Trains & Fascia
    Thomas Myers presents an overview of anatomy trains that integrates the body into an interconnected unit rather than individual components.
  12. Stress & Disease
    A long (48 min) and more technical talk on the connections between stress and disease.
  13. The Workout the World Forgot
    Movnat founder Erwin LeCorre shows us how we should naturally use our bodies.
  14. Spine Mobilization w/ Foam Roll
    Paul Chek demonstrates spinal foam rolling to Laird Hamilton.
  15. DermoNeuroModulation
    Jason Erickson demonstrates Diane Jacob's dermoneuromodulation technique.
  16. Simple Relaxation
    Quiet Mind Cafe provides a simple relaxation exercise.
  17. Srikumar Rao on Happiness
    A discussion on happiness emerging by investing in the process, not the outcome.



Anatomy Trains
Tom Myer's site presenting his fascial linkages theory with information about applications to massage and movement. 
Bay Cities Therapy Service
Our site with information about our practice, backgrounds and programs.
Functional Movement
Gray Cook and crew's site on functional movement that hosts the Functional Movement Screen and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.   The video library of corrective exercises and the blogs/forums are great.
Functional Patterns
Naudi Aguilar's functional movement site that integrates posture and structural integration with self-massage and movement.
Erwan LeCorre's site promoting his system of natural movement.
NOI Group
The Austrailian PTs/Neuroscientists (Lorimer Moseley, David Butler, et. al.) at Neuro Orthopedic Institute behind Explain Pain, Graded Motor Imagery, the Recognise software and more neuroscience based approaches to pain.
Pain Science
Paul Ingraham's site that includes articles, tutorials and tips on the latest pain science.  There are several unique e-books available on this site that address trigger points and approaches to managing various types of pain.
Underground Wellness
Sean Croxton's now-defunct podcast on overall health and wellness.  The Digestion Session Sampler is a great overview of what this site has to offer. 
Trigger Point Book
The site which accompanies Clair and Amber Davies trigger point book.
UK ESCAPE  Pain Organization
A UK site with a similar acronym, promoting similar approaches targeting arthritis suffers.   Enabling Self-management and Coping with Arthritic Pain using Exercise, or ESCAPE-Pain.
Joint Movers
A resource for body workers that integrates joints, muscles, nerves, DNM, trigger points and anatomy trains. 
Chi Running
Gentle approach to running and walking.
Z Health
Neurological based training and education.
Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy
This excellent site presents much of the cadaver work Acland has done.
Alfons - Feldenkrais
Gentle movements to reorganize movement, reduce pain and discover how your body moves.